He reflects a tradition which has given him unsurpassed skills and also the ability to interpret these artistic skills in a new culture with extraordinary aplomb.
Francis S. Putnoi, Portfolio Art Consultants

His ability to mix the cosmopolitan, the international and the Jewish, speaks to the heart of our community.
Mark Sokoll, Executive Director, JCC Newton, MA

We consider his talents extraordinary.
Brenda Pizzo, Gallery Manager, Eclipse Salon Gallery

Your artwork is magnificent.
Andrew Reikes, Producer, Channel 7

His art bespeaks joy and music; his candor is refreshing.
Linda Saltz, Newbury Street and Back Bay Guide, Boston, MA

The fact that the artist is truly brilliant is unquestionable. I would put him in the same category with philosopher-sculptor Ernst Neizvestni, critic-philospher-writer Andrei Bitov, composer-philosopher Luciano Bermo.
Elena Salivan, Boston Times, Russian-American newspaper

Misha is a great talent and we are honored to have him amongs us.
Dina Shulman, Combined Jewish Philanthropies, Boston

Russian scenes stir emotions at Design Place.This is a fine exhibit.
Nancye Tuttle, Reporter, Lowell Sun

Misha's watercolors are among the most extraordinary I've seen. I own several of his original paintings that bring joy daily to my family.
Jules Epstein, President and Creative Director, Primary Design, Inc.

Misha is a very special individual whose contribution to our country is immeasurable.
Michael Frieze, CEO, Gordon Brothers Advertising Agency

He has exhibited special talents that we have been unable to find elsewhere in New England.
William Sapers, President, Hemisphere Group, Inc.

Through his expertise and knowledge, he has been instrumental in the success of the International Society of Graphic Designers
Robert Linsky, Chairman of the International Society of Graphic Designers/New England

Misha demonstrates the highest level of craftsmanship and accomplishment his versatility is one of his most extraordinary qualities.
Terry Holzman, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

To have such a talented Illustrator as Misha Lenn is truly a tribute for any large publishing house in the US.
Thomas Venzlova, Professor, Yale University

Misha's paintings have so much strength and vision.
Kelley Verrochi, Executive Director, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America

His work is extremely marketable as it is cross-cultural and provides a bridge.
Nelson Shaller, President and CEO, International Health Specialists

Through his artwork, Misha has not only contributed to the education and enlightenment of America's youth but also to the commercial success of D.C. Heath and Hispanex Publishing Company. Misha's expertise in rendering subjects faithfully and capturing ethnic features in a sensitive and expressive manner was key to the text's enormous success in foreign language classrooms all over the US.
Jose A. Blanco, President, Hispanex Spanish Language and Publishing Consulatants

His excellent training, substantial knowledge of both Russian European and American art history is quite unique. He has made a significant contribution in his professional field.
Alexander Popov, General Manager, Moscow Art Theater

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